Why Am I Not Succeeding Online | 8 POINTS FOR REVIEW

For many of us doing marketing online… knowledge of basic tools is a given …

The question then arises: so, “Why am I not succeeding online”..  Let me name 8 POINTS that could become a BIG BARRIER TO YOUR SUCCESS.


  1. Our mindset – we must be willing to make shift in the way we think.  It has been said that we cannot be continually doing the SAME thing over and over and expect a DIFFERENT result.  To get a different result we must be willing to LOOK OUTSIDE of ourselves;  our thinking…  and our usual methodology.

A very effective way to begin CHANGE is by embracing POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS..

Positive affirmations either written or spoken is a PROVEN METHOD to effect change in the way we think..

EG… “I am the Leader that my Prospects Need and Seek”


  1. Our self-image – does not always have to stay cultural. Many of us have had the experience of believing the NEGATIVE SELF IMAGE that surrounded us within our culture.  We may believe we are “too fat”.. “too skinny”… “not smart enough”.. “not pretty enough”.. “hair is not the right type”… and on and on we could go with this….

We have come to accept what we think we see in a mirror as we prepare to face our day… Sadly, in our day today, working online demands a lot of visibility.. and we lose great opportunities to step forward as LEADERS due to our negative self-image.. and so we shy away from doing VIDEO PRESENTATIONS….


  1. Many online marketers have FAILED TO CONTINUE their efforts of marketing online due to the POPULAR BELIEF among so many that “the task before them is GREATER THAN US” –


REMEMBER:::  “Anything worth having is worth FIGHTING FOR”…  Marketing online is the GREATEST ACTIVITY anyone can become involved in if you are SEEKING INDEPENDENCE financially and socially.


  1. Why should we not accept NEGATIVE OPINIONS others have of us and our efforts… because that’s what they are.. “OPINIONS”… they have no foundation.. opinions are not facts… they are baseless.. if we are to give these opinions a name – we could simply call them JEALOUSY.. YES JEALOUSY… Keep in mind that YOU are the one that have STEPPED OUT… you are the one that is MAKING A COMMITMENT TO CHANGE your life.. 


  1. Our FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN – not willing to take a chance on ourselves.. will never produce SUCCESS..  It is no shame to FAIL… Many of the successful entrepreneurs have had many failures… but at each failure, these BRAVE individuals would GET UP, DUST THEMSELVES OFF, and BEGIN AGAIN.. There is NO SHAME IN FAILURE…



  1. Our CHOICE OF COMMUNITY – is vital to our GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT.. we should seek to ASSOCIATE with those communities that have demonstrated SUCCESS.. We can receive VALUABLE LESSONS from these persons..  Rehearse their efforts… watch the strategies and see which one works for you …


  1. Our UNWILLINGNESS TO INVEST in ourselves — (free is not always free) – If we are to grow.. we must FEED our need with good substance… Online Marketers are always at risk of GROWING STALE, because the market is always changing..

It is a well-known fact also Entrepreneurs who BUY will attract BUYERS to them


  1. Our LACK OF FOCUS on what our goals dictate – will cause what is commonly known as a SYNDROME… If you do not focus on your goals and what needs to be done to accomplish those goals… your only objective will be to CHASE ‘shiny objects” .  These “shiny objects” may be attractive for a season, but their GLITTER FADES quickly.. and you will be left with nothing but ASHES and an UNFULFILLED GOAL.


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