Question:  Where are You Today?


I listened to Tony Robbins today and heard him say …. January 15th – has been designated as the cut-off date  when most people walk away from their resolutions .. and many after repeated trials STOP MAKING RESOLUTIONS. 


Question:  why do people want to make resolutions…   the thought could be that people make resolutions not because it is a TRADITION.. but because they want to MAKE THINGS BETTER..  and the calendar gives us the feeling that we can MAKE A FRESH START.. 


The truth is IF we do not use the calendar effectively… it isn’t going to happen. 


One point that resonated with me was that “getting things; having money; even a great relationship isn’t going to make us happy”… These can all get stale after a while…  The ONE THING he said that will make us happy is PROGRESS…


He encouraged us to look forward to PROGRESS rather than CHANGE…  This concept is sorta DEEP to me…   He clarified the picture by saying that CHANGE is automatic… everything changes, but PROGRESS requires effort… we have to engage if we want to SEE RESULT


He went further to remind us that RESOLUTIONS is NOT A WISH LIST… but rather decision to move forward.



Bishop TD Jakes once stated “Today is the day you can begin to seize your destiny! If you will take a bold step, you will experience God’s best for your life.      Refuse to settle for anything less, and allow faith to propel you”… 




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