What Is Your Tool For Attracting Buyers You Seek



      Pretty picture – is the picture designed to get the attention of the buyer.  What then is offered to the person who turns to look at your picture.  Is a solution being offered to solve the problem or need of the person stopping by. 
      A link – A link is not usually effective if it was not requested by the person you seek to unload your link on.  This is usually a turn-off, if the person is not seeking information nor is encouraged to take the time to view what the link is attached to.
      Spamming – is generally considered as sending information to individuals without them asking for the information.  It is looked upon as in POOR TASTE ethically by the sites where this action is taken… eg. Facebook.  It is an action that is encouraged to be REPORTED.
      Shocking /  Unrealistic declaration –   An unrealistic declaration sometimes states “make $500.00 every 15 minutes”… As extreme as this might sound, it should not surprise you that many think that such declarations are used so often in ONLINE ADS… and many do not see that these ads are in POOR TASTE….
Truthfulness, does not need to be exaggerated – to be effective.  Be honest.. find some other way to speak of the FEATURES of the product that will catch the attention of the buyers you seek.
      Useful, helpful content – is VALUABLE as it offers SOLUTIONS.  If we are to be able to properly SERVE the people we seek to BUY YOUR STUFF… offering service is the only realistic way to keep your buyers returning as REPEAT BUYERS.  Below are some ideas where VALUABLE CONTENTmay be found.
      TRAINING – is a powerful method that should be used.  Training offers information that BUILDS.  This takes the trainee from a PLACE OF A NEWBIE to a place where he/she can grow to become a LEADER one day and duplicate what they have learned.
      MOTIVATIONAL – content is very valuable as solutions and gateways to relieve emotional stress and confusion can be found.  There are CHALLENGES that will confront anyone who desires to BUILD A HOME BUSINESS…
     Regardless of the success of the person involved, CHALLENGES and STRESSFUL SITUATIONS will always be present.   Stressful situations faces the marketer who may have a family and has great hopes of becoming successful so that he can offer a BETTER LIFE for his family.  
     The same desires can face the marketer who may have PARENTS whom he/she hopes to make life more comfortable.  
Regardless of what GOALS the marketer has..   anything that disrupts the flow of success to reach those goals will cause severe stress to the marketer.
      USEFUL & APPLICABLE TIPS – for daily tasks in a marketer’s business is VITAL to every marketer.  CHANGES HAPPEN DAILY in the online marketing arena.  
     What seemed to work yesterday, can change the very next day… therefore, USEFUL TIPS are necessary and vital for the growth of the business.
      Genuine conversation – is easily recognized when you are in contact with anyone.  If your interest is only to GET YOUR CONTACT TO BUY… YOU WILL LOSE that contact’s interest in a flash.  
You cannot pretend to be genuine, as this quality COMES FROM THE HEART.  If your interest is to pretend to really care about what your contact thinks, with the aim to jump right into SELLING… YOU WILL LOSE… this strategy is called BAIT AND SWITCH..
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