I recently had a series of conversations and began to notice how quickly our conversations turned to me either being sent a
link without my asking or I would receive an answer to my question with a display of all the virtues of their business…
In one case the conversation turned to strategies that were-in I was told that this person’s strategy was to target marketers who
want to learn how to market their business on the first page of Google and Youtube without chasing friends and families… Her other strategy was to seek anyone who wants to join her primary business.
This caused me to take a retrospective look at myself… and the questions I asked myself… were:
  1.  Do I respond to someone’s saying hello to me with a “link” and a recommendation
    that they go to my website and find the greatest product they could hope to find?
  2.  Do I appear to be interested only in pushing my product and do not show any
    interest in a general friendly conversation of wellbeing?


It is clear any of the above actions taken when speaking with anyone online gives a clear picture that the Marketer is
definitely not a successful person and is not demonstrating LEADERSHIP QUALITIES.
When a person shows LEADERSHIP QUALITIES, this demonstrates that GOOD TRAINING has been received and therefore is in a position to give good quality LEADERSHIP for the compensation they are asking for.
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