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This How-to Guide is created for the NEWBIE… 

Who is a NEWBIE…? A Newbie is someone online who has no online FOUNDATION built that will enable him to NAVIGATE the ONLINE PATHWAY.  He is NEW to the terminology used online;   New to the STEPS NECESSARY to make progress and ultimately succeed in arriving at what he is seeking online. 


It is hoped that this NEWBIE HOW-TO GUIDE will assist the Newbie to AVOID THE HAZARDS online and escape the pitfalls that many face both in the wasting of time and of unnecessary spending of funds…


  • IF you’re looking for DIRECTION that will improve your Facebook marketing;
  • If YOU serious about building your brand online by using a Fan Page, on Facebook,
  • If you’re struggling with Facebook and not sure how to make money on one of the BIGGEST sites on the internet,


IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  You just haven’t been shown what I am about to unveil when doing business online. 

The topics in this book are a work in progress… By this I mean that updates will be continuous as CHANGES are warranted due to the continuous changing nature of the internet.… It is also my intention to add any NEW content that may be of value to the person who seeks such information… By doing this I hope to keep this handbook FRESH and applicable to the user.


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   You need to know how vitally important it is to simply:

  • GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, PROVIDE SOLUTIONS, and this is how you get people to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU…
  • Provide the pain killer to a market in pain,
  • Find what is being searched for… Providing the answer to their search will give marketers a way to make more money and get more leads with their businesses… 


To find what people are searching, one must become familiar with KEYWORD RESEARCH  This is a SKILL and a TOOL that is applied by the marketer who wishes to get to the heart of what is being sought for online.  It NEWBIES_PICSis important to STUDY THE RULES of Keyword Research in order to successfully apply it to your activities of online marketing.  

 People will begin seeing you as a LEADER… see you as the Go-To Person… ultimately begin buying your stuff and joining your opportunities.


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  •  Goals can be long term
  • Goals can be short term

     Some people work best with short term goals …

  • Which do you prefer?
  • Having a PLAN is not the same as having a GOAL
  • A Goal is an expected result at some designated time



 If you do not have a Fan Page, consider getting one now!


Be advised that the #1 Key here is CONSISTENCY;

Make Your Daily Command at the top of YOUR TO DO List   “COMMIT TO THE PROCESS” not the results. 


This will become clear as you develop your KNOWLEDGE BASE.  Always keep in mind that your success online involves a LEARNING CURVE.

Some daily steps you are recommended taking:



What Is Your Process For Success

  • — Does it involve Exercise?
  • — Will there be a time for Meditation?
  • — Is there a QUIET work area
  • — Is there a Planned SCHEDULED time of work



  • Log in to your account daily to check all new notifications.
  • Respond to all comments on your FAN page, your status updates, and questions on your page.
  • Long gone is the notion that you can be involved online as if in a speed dating exercise and be successful.
  • It’s about Relationships…



  • Reply to all emails and engage by asking questions about the person emailing you.
  • People LOVE to talk about themselves and what they do.
  • Engaging in conversation is your job here. Review their profile and search for some commonalities.



  • Post a status update on your Facebook Fan Page as your Fan Page persona 3-4 times a day.



  1. Post status updates with pictures
  2. Post status updates with a video
  3. Post status updates with audio


Post simple to answer questions, trivia, agree/disagree questions, what are your thoughts, yes/no questions, anything that will result in your fans engaging in your content.



  • Promote your posts by using Facebook advertising and while promoting your status updates on your Fan Page. Doing this will increase your exposure to your fans and ultimately increase the engagement of your page.
  • Pause ads that are not performing well. Reach out to 5-10 people every day and introduce yourself,
  • Find a similarity between the two of you and build a relationship with that person by asking questions.
  • Show up in 2-3 groups that are within your niche.
  • Be picky about the group you choose to join and do not pitch…
  • For hands-on help on Facebook ads, monitor the daily results of the ads…


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There was a time when I thought that I could do my online business and not TALK to anyone.  I could stay anonymous… I could stay in my house and watch the money flow into my bank


I found out that such an idea was FAR FROM THE TRUTH.   NEWBIES_PICS02

Why is it important to many to make friendships online?  Is it to increase friendships only;      to share ideas; or is it to share our product(s)

 How many ways can one make contact with other Facebook users?


Below are a few suggestions:

  • Following someone who interests you
  • Adding someone as a friend
  • Responding to someone’s post
    • Respond by “LIKING”
    • Respond by “commenting”
    • Respond by “SHARING” someone’s content
  • Send an IM (instant message)


KEEP IN MIND that “liking” someone’s post does not necessarily mean you approve of the subject being dealt with.  It can also mean that you are acknowledging that you have seen it.


There are many rules related to making contact with other Facebook Users…. I say “Facebook” as each social site may have a different rule concerning the making and keeping of contacts on their sites.


  • Relating to SHARING information… it is considered BAD TASTE to send UNSOLICITED information to another person.
  • When contacting someone… a simple “hello how are you” should be the initial contact… Wait for a response.
  • If someone says hello, it should not be considered an INVITATION for you to immediately SHARE your informationNEWBIES_PICS03; this is considered .. SPAMMING.     
  • Be cordial when in a dialogue with someone… show a GENUINE INTEREST in what the dialogue is about…
  • Using common rules of conversation you may INTRODUCE your content when it is appropriate… by first asking permission to share… only share when the response is a positive one.


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Types of Brands may be: Training / Educational;   Product Marketing;   Motivational; Entertaining.

 BRANDS indicate to those in need where they should turn to get the answers they seek.  The person who BRANDS himself… becomes the “go-to-person”… this simply means that the branded person is established in what he stands for… who he works with…. What type of service he is prepared to offer to those he serves.


Companies are also branded… e.g.  Mary Kay; Avon, to name a few;  NEWBIE_PIC04 we all know that these companies have specialized products… 


These companies are known as MLM   (multiple level marketing) which is pointing to the level of achievement one can make while working and selling their products.


There are companies that are Educational; in that they are committed to train their students on a specialized platform.  These companies are NOT MLM… They are not multiple level marketing companies… their platform structure is set up differently.


Steps on Building Your Personal Brand Online. 


When doing business online, you need to know how vitally IMPORTANT it is to simply GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT,


  • PROVIDE SOLUTIONS, and this is how you get people to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU…
  • Providing the answer to their search will give marketers a way to make more money; get more leads with their MLM businesses…
  • If you do not have a Fan Page, consider getting one now!
  • Log in to your account daily to check all new notifications.
  • Reply to all emails
  • Respond to all comments on your FAN page, your status updates, and questions on your page.
  • Post a status update on your Facebook Fan Page as your Fan Page persona 3-4 times a day.
  1. Post status updates with pictures
  2. Post status updates with a video
  • Post simple to answer questions, trivia, agree/disagree questions, what are our thoughts, yes/no questions, anything that will result in your fans engaging in your content
  • Promote your posts through Facebook advertising and promote your status updates on your Fan Page.
  • Promoting your posts will increase your exposure to your fans and ultimately increase the engagement of your page.


(6) Reach out to 5-10 people every day and introduce yourself,

(7) Show up in 2-3 groups that are within your niche.


BE VERY CHOOSY about the GROUP you select…  Understand that you are also free to LEAVE A GROUP if you feel your needs are not being met…


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       QUESTION:  What do LEADERS do and what is LEADERSHIP?

      To get a complete picture of what a Leader does and what is Leadership… the Magic Word is MODEL… 


   Below are some suggestions:

  • Select as best as you can 3 top businesses influences
  • Find out what their specific skills they have you do not have
  • What are the top characteristics of these people
  • What are their values? What do they value most in business and life
  • In what specific ways can you be more like them
  • If you asked them “how can you become better”, what would they say
  • How can you get more of their time and attention


Some Characteristics of a LEADER are: 


  • A Leader is able to see the battlefield;
  • a producer of value to the marketplace;
  • A leader tries to solve the problem of others;
  • A leader never utters the word “overwhelmed”. 
  • The outstanding feature of a LEADER is that a Leader always holds himself Accountable
  • Truth becomes his close ally
  • A Leader can be relied upon to show the way.



 During a series of interactions I had some time ago I began to notice how quickly the conversations turned from a genuine interest in my well-being online to me either being sent a link without my asking or I would receive an answer to my question with a display of all the virtues of a great business that would be good for me …

 In one case the conversation turned to strategies that were in use… and this individual, as if reading a statement stated that her strategy was to “target marketers who want to learn how to market their business on the first page of Google and You tube without chasing friends and families”… Her other strategy she concluded, was to seek anyone who wants to join her primary business.


This caused me to take a retrospective look at myself… and the questions I asked myself… were:

  1.  Do I respond to someone’s “hello” with a “link” and a recommendation that they go to my website and find the greatest product they could hope to find?
  2. Do I appear to be interested only in pushing my product and do not show any interest in a general friendly conversation of well being?


It is clear any of the above actions taken when speaking with anyone online gives a clear picture that the Marketer is definitely not a successful person and is not demonstrating LEADERSHIP QUALITIES.  

 When a person shows LEADERSHIP QUALITIES, this demonstrates that GOOD TRAINING has been received and therefore is in a position to give good quality LEADERSHIP for the compensation they are asking for.    NEWBIE_PIC06

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 YOU TUBE, reportedly launched in May 2005, allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. This site provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe.  Many finds this site as a distribution platform for original content for creators and advertisers both large and small.


YouTube is the property of GOOGLE and your first step to getting engaged on this platform is to Register, entering your personal information which is primarily your name, email address and password.  You may then sign in and make the most of your experience which can include uploading of videos, subscribing of videos you may find interesting.


Once you’ve signed in, the navigation bar at the top of every YouTube page allows you to easily find the stuff you care about. 

It is necessary for you to follow all instructions very clearly as YouTube has very specific rules that if ignored will cause your CHANNEL to be shut down, and any videos uploaded will be lost, causing you to have to begin the process all over again.   TO BE WARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED.


REVIEW – Things you can do on YouTube

·      Make a new playlist

·      Watch and share

·      Finding Channels you already like

·      Get recommendations from the homepage

·      Browse by category


When you open the YouTube app, you’ll be taken to “What to watch”.   What to watch highlights recent uploads and activity from your subscriptions and videos recommended for you. You will also be shown popular content and YouTube Mixes if you’ve previously watched music videos. You can then navigate back to this feed at any time from the Guide.


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 Twitter can be safely considered a Micro-blog… Its design makes quick updates possible.  How is this done?    This is done because it usually contains a very limited number of characters. Each blog is limited to a maximum of 165 characters.  To exceed this number will keep the process of “tweeting” from being completed.


Its features are similar to Facebook and other social networks, in that you can update your status. 


Twitter is great as a micro blog for people who want a blog but don’t want to blog.   Using Twitter you can keep people informed on what is going on in your life, but not everyone wants to spend an hour crafting a long post describing great colors and paragraphs of content.


So what is Twitter? It’s a great place for keeping people informed on what you are up to without the need to spend a lot of time crafting an entire post on the subject. You just say what’s up and leave it at that.  You just have to keep that number of characters in mind.  After a while it will become habitual.



While Twitter may have started as a micro-blogging service, it is grown into much more than simply a tool to type in quick status updates. So when asked “What is Twitter?”, you can describe it as a cross between blogging and instant messaging although even that doesn’t do it justice.


Twitter is social messaging – in that you are allowed the ability to follow people and have followers.  You have no doubt found that Twitter has become the perfect social messaging tool.  Distance is not a factor as you are able to coordinate with a group of people keeping them informed of developments of any event. 

Twitter as A Reporting Medium

In a digital world that is relying on the Internet more and more for news, that streaming ticker is Twitter quickly reporting news faster and more immediate than a blog, Twitter has been embraced by the “news media” of the blogosphere and has slowly won acceptance among traditional media outlets.

Twitter as a Social Media for Marketing

Twitter had become a great site for getting out the messages of the politicians.  Twitter feed as a utility makes it easy to convert an RSS FEED into Twitter updates.


Twitter has become many different things to many different people.  It can be used by a family to keep in touch, or a company to coordinate business, or the media to keep people informed or a writer to build up a fan base. Not to be outdone is the Online Entrepreneur; home office marketer; Twitter is the super highway to draw and create large lists of LEADS.

Twitter is micro-blogging. It is social messaging. It is an event coordinator, a business tool, a news reporting service and a marketing utility. To ignore TWITTER is to “leave money on the table”.


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 What is a social site?  No doubt this question exists, but is probably thought that everyone knows the answer.  A social site is the simple act of expanding the number of people you know by meeting your friends’ friends, their friends’ friends … on and on and on…


But I am not just speaking about a social site… I would like to direct our thinking to a Social Networking Site.


These social networking sites are also online service platforms, or site that focuses not only on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.


These networking sites have over time developed into start-up companies seeking to maximize their membership and excel in niche areas.


Most social network services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as:

  • e-mail
  • instant messaging
  • Online community services
  • Social network service
  • Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks.


Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites



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 Backlinks, as stated by Wikipedia also known as incoming links, inbound links, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page.

 In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, and website).

 My adding this paragraph as a Module is not to confuse you, or to give the impression that you should worry about understanding the topic of “back linking”.  It is advisable however, that you should keep it always in mind that understanding this strategy is of utmost importance if you desire to see your business grow.


The strategy of “back linking” can be used FREE… but there are also PAID STRATEGIES, which will offer you greater exposure of the content you desire to promote.


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The term “blog” is a truncation of the expression weblog, consists of entries called “posts”.  These posts may be written by authors and professionally edited although not exclusively by them. 

The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users.  It is not required to have knowledge of such technologies as HTML and FTP , although a good understanding of HTML is very useful.


Many blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments on the blogs, and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.  In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking service.    


The production and promotion of blogs by bloggers do not only produce content to post on their blogs, but also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers.



  • A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs,Web pages, and other media related to its topic.
  • Blogs that focus on art (art blogs)
  • Photographs (photo blogs)
  • Videos (video blogsor “vlogs”)
  • Music (MP3 blogs)
  • Audio (podcasts)
  • Microbloggingis another type of blogging, featuring very short posts
  • In education, blogs can be used as instructional resources. These blogs are referred to as edublogs.



 Optimize your site for search engines –

  • Search engines are an essential way to get traffic to your site for free and have been since the early days of the internet. But you must optimize your site so that it ranks as high as possible for the keywords you target.
  • SEO still remains the most highly effective way to get traffic for free and you really should invest some time and energy into the optimization of your site.


Once you get the hang of it SEO is not that hard and if you want to take the time to learn more about it there are lots of SEO tutorials and articles online to help you.


  • Content is KING with SEO. If your content is interesting and informative and kept updated you will create a constant stream of returning visitors for your web site who will make it a habit to drop by and see what is new.


  • Also search engines will treat your web site very well so you win on both counts.


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Have you ever looked at your business, see that you are not making any progress –


Yet Question if you should invest in training to learn the basics of online marketing and social media marketing?

Eric Thomas’ Quote says it CLEARLY: 

“Success don’t come to you. There are some things you’ve gotta go get.”


Not investing in the training will cost you more time and money as well as cause you to be more overwhelmed and frustrated in the long run.  


When you are trained you are more capable to Leverage the internet, attract quality leads for your business, which will result in a successful business growth.

You cannot go wrong by getting some targeted training from the people who have gotten GOOD results and are now able to show you the way.

If you would like to attract more quality leads to your business daily while you learn the “what’s working” now strategies, I urge you to ……..



Check out this risk FREE TRIAL to the training community that have produced so many Earners, myself included.


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Here are some thoughts I would like for you to begin to “APPLY DAILY”

  1. START YOUR DAY with “meditation” …

        (It can be whatever you want to do: e.g. praying; reading your bible; listening to motivational readings; podcasts; etc.)

    2.  BE GRATEFUL … get pen and paper and write down any number of things you are grateful for… (make it at least 1… no less)

    3.  Write down a “SUCCESS QUOTE”… (these can be found online from motivational speakers e.g. Les Brown’ Jim Rohn; Tony Robbins;

         to name a few)

    4. Your DAILY TO DO list (at least 3 things you can complete that day; At least (1) should be “income producing”…  If you do not

        know what income producing is… watch this video here:


Ways in which we limit ourselves:

      Thoughts that sabotage causing us to live a life of freedom and success.

  1. Insecurities, fears and doubts DEFEATS our FAITH and LIMITS our taking more action: taking more risks: speaking up more of who we are: and going for our big dreams.
  2. These NEGATIVE acts, cause us to CONVINCE OURSELVES that we are not good enough, that we are not worthy of trust and respect.


Bear in mind this Resistance comes from:

  1. All the people in our lives who were sowing seeds of fears and doubts inside of us.
  2. They cause us to ask doubtful questions of WHAT IF…What if it doesn’t work out? What if I can’t handle it? What if I’m not good enough? What if they don’t like me? What if I lose? What if I can’t turn back? What if they take advantage of me?
  3. Those questions not only destroy our chances of living a free life, but cause us to fail to become who we are capable of becoming.
  4. Last but not least they make us choose faith over doubts.


 It Is Time To Stop Doubting and Start Believing In Yourself?

  1. Begin by believing in your ability to learn and figure things out.
  2. Take the time, to focus, put in effort, make the dedication to learn to do what must be done to enable you to become and achieve your goals and dreams.
  3. Make a LIST of the reasons WHY you believe in yourself.
    1. State what have you already accomplished?
    2. Take a look around you for reasons to believe that tomorrow will be better.
  4. The time to begin is NOW… there is NO GUARANTEE OF TOMORROW.


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