Making decisions is the responsibility of SOMEONE IN CHARGE.  A person in charge may be A LEADER, AN EMPLOYER,  AN ENTREPRENEUR, or anyone who has to MAKE A CHANGE..  Making changes demands a SHIFT IN THINKING… this is also known as MINDSET adjustment.

 There are two people who have to demonstrate a SHIFT IN THINKING if decision making is to become successful:  One is an EMPLOYEE and the other is an ENTREPRENEUR.  Being an Employee is very different from being an Entrepreneur. As an Employee you show up for direction, you DO what you are instructed to do and you get paid.  As an Employee you expect that you will get paid, usually at a fixed per hour rate.


As an Entrepreneur you are paid by RESULTS. You are paid for solving people’s problems, for delivering value that is needed.  YOU ARE NOT  GUARANTEED any success.

How does one become VALUABLE in the Marketplace.  

  •  By LEARNING THE valuable SKILLS you  become valuable in the marketplace.
  •  You MUST DEMONSTRATE SKILL at something.
  • There is no COOKIE CUTTER method to success.
  • Everyone has his own journey.

Therefore YOU must DEVELOP A SHIFT  in your MINDSET…  Only YOU can build a business for you.  Only YOU can LEARN a step-by-step plan of exactly what to type and what to say and what to do to guarantee you results.

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