PROVE ME WRONG!! This isn’t hype or fluff…

Now before you go and say “I’m new” or “I’ve never hosted a webinar before,” understand that automated webinars are 100x easier than hosting a real live webinar especially if you’ve never hosted a webinar before! 

You get to pre-record your sales presentation on your time
You don’t need to get nervous because you’re not ‘Live’ in front of a crowd (RELAX  🙂
You can practice your webinar until you get it right
You can edit your video until you’re happy with the final product


There are no ‘tech-challenges’ or other ways to screw up with automated webinars
Automated Webinars run on complete autopilot without you even having to show up!   Your attendees don’t have to download any annoying software
And here’s the best part… once you set up your automated webinar, you can have it running while you’re spending time with your family, while you’re in bed, while you’re playing golf, or while you work on other areas of you business so you can Literally GET TWICE AS MUCH DONE IN HALF THE TIME!
This isn’t hype or fluff… Bottom line is that adding Automated Webinars to your biz this year this is a strategic business decision that will save you time and make you more m.oney, and that’s a fact!
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying in marketing, ‘Be Everywhere All the Time.’
What this means is wherever your prospect goes, the goal is to have your brand in front of their eyeballs as much as possible. 
And my friend, THIS “Cloning” is the closest thing you’re going to get to ULTIMATE LEVERAGE and being in 2 different places at once.
This Wednesday at 9 PM EST I’d like to invite you to an ‘Automated Webinar’ so you can decide for yourself if you see value in equipping your business with this technology in 2015. 
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Automated Webinars’ are something we over at MLSP will be embracing BIG time in 2015 because they are absolutely lethal when it comes to getting results AND saving time, and isn’t that the end goal? To be able to get results, help people, and still have a life?


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