My name is Marva Cooke.. a mother and a grandmother of 2.   I have been involved in many offline marketing activities with many companies and have marketed many products and recruited many people since the early 1980s. 


Nevertheless, I do not see these past marketing activities as a definition of what I truly want to achieve.


It is understandable that financial success is an underlying reason but not my Primary reason for being a marketer online. 


MY MISSION while promoting products on various platforms online and offline, is to demonstrate LEADERSHIP among those I meet – ONE who not only offer TRAINING of various topics , as well as COACHING and MENTORING, but ONE who is the GO TO PERSON whom people see as the Resource for their particular need in their particular niche.


In order to accomplish this MISSION I must not be seen only as a Seller of Products but be recognized as ONE whose BRAND is SERVICE ORIENTED.