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The reflections in this article were inspired by a recent video presented by Les Brown, the well-known speaker and motivator.  Les Brown began his talk by pointing out that “winning is possible”

 The question now is “why is winning so important” in your mlm business opportunity… what does it change?

  Let’s review a view suggestions…

  • Winning changes the belief system
  • When YOU win you begin to operate out of a LARGER VISION of yourself as you seek to build your mlm business opportunity
  • YOU find it possible to IGNORE the inner negative conversation that can persist as you seek to focus on the development of your mlm business opportunity.

 (Robert Bannister) was the first person to complete the 1 mile in 4 minute race.  Prior to that, this was considered to be IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Robert Bannister’s accomplishment fostered a new belief system – and what was that belief system? “someone had done it before.


There are two ways that YOU can position your belief system:

  • Eye sight – which is “judging based on what you see”
  • Mind sight – which is “having a belief in spite of what is seen”


“I’m blessed and highly favored”

 Despite our belief system, we should all embrace and express the thought that we are indeed blessed and highly favored.

 My question to YOU is this:

  • What are the uses of your life that you have not used?

Always keep this thought in mind to “do what you can – where you are – with what you have”    as you set out your goals for winning in your mlm business opportunity.

Make the following statements your “mantra” for your life…

No matter how bad it is …

No matter how bad it gets …

I am going to make it!



To Your Success



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