Let’s begin with the scenario of “knowing your client” 

What is Your client’s Need? Your client is hungry … .. 

You cannot find HUNGRY CUSTOMERS if you do not do the research.

You must understand your client’s demographic; 

1.. Their purchasing interests; knowing this will help you to structure your ads for your product. 
2.. Where they hang out; e.g. People who like Tony Robbins… etc. 
who they hang out with; e.g. facebook.. twitter.. linkedin.. place your ads there 
3..  Are they single; married; have children;  — this should guide you how to structure your ads..
4..  Employed in a job; self-employed… e.g. what type of offer should they receive from you 

Doing the research and applying the recommendations will give you GREATER ADVANTAGE in your efforts to GET YOUR CUSTOMER TO BUY YOUR STUFF. 


GETTING YOUR CLIENT’S INTEREST in what you have to offer depends on you: 

1. You must appear to really care for your client 
2. Your content that you offer must offer solutions… not just seek to SELL YOUR PRODUCT 
3. In other words, you must appear as a LEADER seeking to serve 4. If this is accomplished.. you will attract prospects to you – they will seek you out 

This is just the beginning to wrap your mind around… 
keep in mind that self-doubt will weaken your effort when building your business… 

If what I have sent you so far has given you any help, please let me know… I am here and willing to help you get grounded.


 To Your Success 


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