Don’t Get Left Behind | Your Competitors Are Learning This Stuff This Week

Don’t Get Left Behind , Your Competitors Are Learning This Stuff TONIGHT.
How Companies and Savvy Marketers Can Literally Zone In On you While You Surf The Internet
One of the spookiest things about what Bill and Michelle Pescosolido are teaching on Facebook tonight . . . 
…is how deadly accurate they can get with targeting their perfect customer.

It’s a little freaky when you think of how companies and savvy marketers can literally zone in on you while you surf the internet…

FOLLOW you around
And drop an offer in your lap at the perfect time. 

But…it’s FRIGGIN’ EXCITING AS HECK when you flip things around…and 
YOU are the one doing all that fancy target marketing, and selling boatloads of stuff, sucking in all the targeted leads you’ll ever need, and climbing up your companies leader boards!

This is the stuff that will be revealed by Bill and Michelle 
TONIGHT at 9PM Eastern on the MLSP Weekly Training Webinar

Over 3400 people registered last week for Part 1. 

You can just imagine what the numbers will look like this week. 

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Here’s what Bill and Michelle have ready to rock
 Tonight at 9PM Eastern for Part 2… 

·  How to seek out your perfect BUYER so that you never waste a single dime of ad-spend again (buyers are easier to find on FaceBook than you think) 
·  The #1 Trick to Create ‘Custom Audiences’ on FB that all but GUARANTEE you make sales… (this is better than having an ATM on your front porch) 
·  RETARGETING PIXEL SECRETS: there is not a better way to market online today than to RETARGET and follow prospects who have already visited your websites (this is likeethically and legally stalking your prospects until they buy!) 
·  What the ‘Insights Panel’ on your Fan Page actually means for your business, and how to use this to seek out invaluable intel and make a fortune on FaceBook! 
·  And plenty more where that came from…
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