It’s been said that there are 5 words that depending on its absence or presence form the foundation of whether one succeeds or fails.  Those words are addressed in the title of this blog post today –   “THE WILL TO DO IT”.


Today’s blog post consists mainly of expressions made by many of those who have demonstrated that it is POSSIBLE TO SUCCEED… Persons like Les Brown and other motivators who have dedicated their lives to SHOW US A BETTER WAY …


My question to you today is “What will it take for you to” –

  1. Develop your mind
  2. Increase your communication skills
  3. Recruit OQP (only qualified people)


The answer is simple… you must have the will to do it.  Keep in mind that “if you do what is easy, your life will be hard… if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.”


This principle throws out of the window any thinking that EARNING AN INCOME ONLINE IS EASY… If you want things to be easy.. you might be better off working for someone else.  Otherwise known as a 9 to 5 existence.


How then can one achieve success then… first and foremost you must KEEP A POSITIVE MIND.  Listen to those who will encourage you.  There are many MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS that are available..  pick anyone and listen with your heart.  Let me suggest “Les Brown”.



How does one keep and maintain a positive mind:

  1. Retrain your thinking
  2. Inoculate yourself with positive words – do a daily “Personal development” exercise
  3. Have a vision of yourself – not doubting yourself… but succeeding
  4. KEEP IN MIND that “it’s not where you start; it’s where you’re going”
  5. Thank the person who introduced you to this new concept – that saw greatness in you.


Say to yourself “ I am not going to go thru life allowing someone to control MY FINANCIAL FUTURE.


NOTE:  DO NOT BE SURPRISED when people around you who should support you, say only negative things about your, your efforts to move upward….


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