(Encourage yourself with small gains)
Today, I was reminded of a song I knew and sang when I was a
younger woman… the title of the song was “little things mean a lot”.  I know I am dating myself with this song… but
The words of the song goes –
“Throw me a kiss from across the room
Say I look nice when I’m not
….. line 3….??
Little things mean a lot”
I might opt to sing it when I create the video version of this post…. J
This song came to mind as I read an email that came to my
inbox congratulating me of success in my readership.  I had attracted over 2,000 readers to each of
my two (2) Power Point Slide Presentations which I uploaded to “Slideshare.com”
– placing me in the 5% percentile of their viewership.
MLM | Daily Action Guide For Success
Needless to say, I did not allow myself to consider this a
small compliment… instead, I encouraged myself for the recognition…
I have no idea what the final effect of these two power
point presentations was… I just know that someone read them – and I hope that
they got the help they were seeking…
So, in the meantime,  I’ll keep on Creating, “Until”.



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