Every day, from the moment we are awake we are faced with MAKING CHOICES.  There are many reasons why we should think hard before we make decisions.  It is also true that there is such an action known as a split-decision.   This does not mean that the decision is split into pieces, but rather there was hardly any time to come to a decision.

If you have found yourself in such a situation where you had little or no time to think things through before making a decision, it is hoped that such a decision did not result in any disappointment or regret.


In this article, today, I would like to feature some of the day to day choices that we make that can be transferred into life investments.  Some of these choices can cost us a loss of both money and time.  We are living in a day and time when time moves so quickly or shall I say — a day consists of so many things to be accomplished that time seems to speed by…. 


Sure, there still is 24 h hours in one day and 60 minutes in one hour.  Yet, due to the repeated presence of actions to be taken, it seems as though we need more than 24 hours per day to calmly process the challenges that face us over and over. 


There comes then the need to MAKE WISE DECISIONS with everything we do each day if we are to maximize our successes.  Let us take a look at some of the choices that is repeatedly taken within a 24-hour day ….


  1. Watch television
  2. Talk on the telephone
  3. Texting our family and friends
  4. Surfing on the internet
  5. Hanging out with friends (lunch, parties, etc)
  6. Hanging out with friends on facebook and twitter, etc
  7. Lounging around the house
  8. Sleeping


These choices, if weighed against using our time to accomplish GOALS that we desire to achieve, will demonstrate that CHOICES are crucial because they are our INVESTMENTS.


I will not give a numerical value to the list of steps listed above in this article.  Suffice it to say, it is crucial that as you read this article, if you desire to make more VALUABLE CHOICES… you must take the time to list what your GOALS are and what value you should place against those acts that do not contribute to making your GOALS ACHIEVABLE.


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