Facebook has become the home of many who seek to make some form of contact each day.  For many, Facebook is the meeting ground for socializing; the news center for those interested in current affairs; the market center where both buyer and seller meet.  Each visitor online has a different goal… today, I would like to offer a FEW TIPS to the MARKETING VISITOR.  You who are on Facebook SEEKING LEADS for your business.  Below are 5 recommendations, that I am sure you will give you good results.
1.  Please ‘LIKE’ my page.   When dealing with potential leads getting them to “LIKE” your page is critical before you take any steps to engage with them. It’s unlikely that ALL will return to your business page.  They will however more likely see your content as it passes through their news feeds.
You must make every effort to lay the groundwork for building awareness and establishing on Facebook as you use its platform for sharing content, promoting sales and rewarding fans with special deals.  As you continue to find ways to attract leads, remember the valuable tool of
sign-up forms. 
Be careful to not omit the vital step of CTA (call to action) that is telling the reader what you want them to do… completing the presentation with  LINKS  to your website that support lead generation.
2.  “Engage” with prospects in the context that they are engaging.  It is important that you not stray from the conversation, but stay within the context.  By doing this you demonstrate a genuine interest in what the conversation is about, and the individuals participating and don’t appear to be just seeking to gain something for yourself.
3.   ‘BLOG’ about helpful topics and not just “products”.  Offering helpful information that will add value to a prospect’s life will endear you to that prospect as someone they probably would like to continue associating with.  A good suggestion is to review the various niche topics that are being searched for and offer content that will be useful.
4.   Make compelling presentations on “Slideshare”.  This site enjoys a huge traffic flow. The saying that “a picture beats a thousand words” should not be taken lightly… Your message will not only engage your viewers, but could cause them to repeatedly return to your presentations and share their content to
others.  This could be a win-win situation.
5.  Make ‘keywords’ a vital entry in your blog post headlines and body.  Keywords tell you what your prospects are thinking; what they are seeking; the right keywords will “target the right prospects” for you which will result in enormous conversions.  When you utilize keywords, you 

connect with the search engines that will take your content directly to the prospects that are out there searching.  Never publish your blog without making sure you have added the right keywords.  See Keyword Planner.

These 5 Points are but an introduction to the countless ways that are being currently utilized by Successful 6-Figure Earners.   These marketers are constantly learning NEW WAYS to increase their EARNING POWER. 
 Learn how you too can increase your earning power as you TARGET GOOD LEADS.

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