PEOPLE BUY FROM OTHER PEOPLE who they LIKE AND TRUST.  Always keep in mind,  having the best PRODUCT is no guarantee that you will get anyone to BUY YOUR STUFF.  So the question you no doubt have in your mind is “how do I get people to like and trust me”   Keep reading..Before I get into the 10 TIPS to make people buy | Work from home jobs for moms; I would like to point out that being a success online is very possible, for you, if you pay close attention to what works for those who are already successful.There is no magic button, there are only strategies that work; rules to be followed; these rules may be related to how we communicate socially.  So let me get right into the TIPS I have found to be valuable:


2.  It has been suggested that – if you wish to be rich and successful, start helping someone to be rich and successful. This concept completely baffled me when I first heard it.  I could not imagine how getting rich meant that I should help someone else get rich.  Sounds “off the wall”.  I found it difficult to understand.  This technique is also known in online marketing as “attraction marketing”.  This is how Tip #1 above begins to take shape in your business.

3.  Build Your Brand.  Your goal as an online marketer should not be to market your product’s company or your product.  Your goal should be to MARKET YOU.  When you market YOU, your BRAND develops and the features that make you stand out become your identification.  Some of the features of your BRAND are a)   What do you Represent?  B)  What do You Enjoy doing    C)  Who do You Enjoy Working With?   D)  What’s Your Vision of Your Life?

4.  Remember to always provide QUALITY CONTENT that is Congruent with your Brand;    You must first know Your Target Audience Needs and Provide what they want;  Next you must be a Person of Value and Credibility; In your content preparation remember to  Share Stories BUT Avoid the PITCH itch;     Last, but not least have Fun and be Yourself ~ REMEMBER We’re selling a Lifestyle.

5.  Let me enlarge a little more on QUALITY CONTENT.  When writing content, it should appear REAL…  in other words offer some Personal Experiences;   A great deal of help can be had if you provide Great Tips;   When writing about experiences, if you don’t think you have a lot of experiences to offer, 3rd Party Experiences do come in handy;   If you have a LIST and that list begins to CONVERT…  a sure way to keep your team from walking away is by way of Team Training.   This simple act of yours will give your business **Awesome Leverage**;   Additional type of content would fall into the category of Weight Loss Solutions;      Last but not least, Company Reviews — 

As you TeachCoach and Mentor people who are trying to learn how to build a profitable work from home business – you will find that individuals will respect you, thank you – and come to trust you.  That’s called “Attraction Marketing”.   It is from these persons you will find not only BUYERS of your products, but you will also find that many of them will become REPEAT BUYERS.

  • One great set-back you will find, however, if you choose to constantly pitch your latest MLM or work from home program – by telling everyone you come in contact with to  “join here or make $10,000 per month fast” – you will actually chase more people away. RESIST THE TEMPTATION to always put PRODUCTS first.  Instead, take the TRUE PATH, to TEACH, COACH and MENTOR instead. 
  • And NOW I return to the discussion of  “WHAT MAKES PEOPLE BUY YOUR STUFF”… Think with me for a moment and try to paint a picture of someone who HAS NOT EATEN FOR MANY DAYS… Think of what the response will be as YOU OFFER THEM SOME FOOD….. In contrast — Imagine another group of people who have just RECENTLY EATEN AT A BANQUET – had many courses of meals, dessert and had much to drink … How would these persons respond should you OFFER THEM something to eat…
  • The answer to Tip #8 is the same answer you need to apply to HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY YOUR STUFF.   FIND THE CUSTOMERS THAT ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR PRODUCT…  These customers are your SOURCE OF INCOME.   They are hungry, they are searching… You NEED TO FIND THEM…. 
  • You cannot find HUNGRY CUSTOMERS if you do not do the research.  You must understand your client’s demographic; their purchasing interests; where they hang out; who they hang out with; are they single; married; have children; employed in a job; self-employed…   Doing the research and applying the recommendations given in the paragraphs above, will give you GREATER ADVANTAGE in your efforts to GET YOUR CUSTOMER TO BUY YOUR STUFF.

FINALLY, all that I have said in the previous paragraphs is to emphasize this… Internet marketing is NO GUESS WORK….  There are STRATEGIES that must be used if you are to WIN..

If you do not know what I am talking about, thenLET ME HELP YOU…. I will teach you 

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about marketing online… whether you do blogging; email marketing; video presentations; article writing; Power Point presentations; or webinars… these are ALL strategies being used online.


Take the Test Drive and begin your journey to become a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETER.



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